amp# v. released

Hi a new version of the amp# software was released,

I had some problems with the playback after switching to SSD (Solid State Drive) with my computer. On a heavy CPU load the music sometimes started to get crappy.

So for the new version:

  • A complete “engine” update: All the packages used by the software for playback where switched to nuget packages
  • The processor architecture is no longer limited by the FlacDLL as LibFlac does no longer need an inter-op DLL, so it is 64-bit on a 64-bit computer and 32-bit on a 32-bit computer (Any CPU).
  • Added a possibility to save multiple amounts of named queue snapshots with a modification capability
  • A key combination of CTRL+[+] can now be used to insert into the queue rather than append
  • Added a timer to enable a “quite hours” feature so your neighbors don’t get angry, if you forget to stop the playback at an inconvenient time
  • Reorganized some menus to suit their categories
  • Left some for the next release(😀), seems to be that my paper is running out though:

Have fun again 😜