amp# (multi-platform)

amp# (multi-platform)

A music player for common audio formats with a simple and intuitive GUI.

Main window

  • Windows


  • A minimalistic and simple UI
  • Easy to search for audio tracks
  • Individual track volume adjustment
  • Track scoring
  • Playback queuing
  • Does NOT change audio files unless asked to
  • Open source, licensed under the terms of the MIT license


  • .NET Core 6
  • Windows 10/11, macOS or Linux with GTK
  • 64-bit operating system

The supported file formats

(1) WMA works for Windows only so conversion is required for at least amp# playback as the BASS audio library provides a win32 implementation only for this format.


Instructions can be read from the help package in the downloads or from the GitHub page of the amp# software.