A software to backup a directory to a single zip file.

The backup will be given a schedule to indicate how often the backup should be taken.


  • Current version (13.08.2020)
  • Backup a directory using cron schedule into a single zip file.
  • Number of saved backups to keep can be selected.
  • Backup file name can contain “variables” for time stamping.
  • Runs on the background on the system tray.
  • Supported languages: en-US, fi-FI
  • MD5 hash check to check changes for directory to be backed up.
  • Can close and restart an application which data is to be backed up to prevent file locking.
  • Read-only rights to the directory to be backed up are sufficient.


  • Microsoft® Windows® supporting .NET Framework v.4.7.


  • (8.3.2015)
  • A failed MD5 hash no longer gives a false positive of the directory not changed
  • (10.08.2015)
  • Fixed depency to Visual C++ Redistributable Package
  • (30.08.2015)
  • Moved to conditional loading on System.Data.SQLite. This removes the need to create separate x86/x64 binary releases. The release for X64 is has been deleted.
  • (16.01.2016)
  • Fixed a date time format bug causing a backup loop.
  • (09.06.2017)
  • Replaced the old Ionic.Zip (year 2011) library with a fork from the NuGet gallery (year 2016) with improved stability
  • (12.10.2017)
  • The week days were fixed to show as they should – I had a backup that was running on Mondays, but the edit dialog did show falsely that the backup would be taken on Wednesday
  • If the last taken backup is in the past and the increase of the next backup time doesn’t come to this time or newer it keeps looping it up to the present
  • Added binary release with no installer
  • v. (19.03.19)
  • Fixed file sharing issue which caused a backup to fail
  • v. (13.08.20)
  • A directory with locked files can now be backed up