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A sky chart software with utilities such as moon phases, rise and set details and known celestial object details.


  • Cross-platform
  • Highly configurable from coloring to fonts
The main window in Windows 11
The setting menu in Windows 11

Easy CardFile

Easy CardFile

A versatile card file software.


  • Rich text cards
  • AES encryption support
  • Multiple card types
  • Tabbed interface
  • Printing support
  • Spell checking support
  • Currently supported GUI languages: en-US, fi-FI (new translations are accepted for free ?)
  • Can be used for various purposes, e.g. store passwords, food recipes, keep a diary, catalog CD/DVD/Blu-ray media, etc…
  • Spell checking support via Hunspell and via custom spell checking libraries (i.e. Voikko)


  • Microsoft® Windows® supporting .NET Framework v.4.7.
  • A MIT license compatible user. ?


  • Current version v. (04.05.2020)
  • Added support for Hunspell and a custom spell check library support.
  • Fixed a bug with a file save indicator.
  • v. (11.04.2020)
  • Initial release


The main window displaying my garden plant collection

A bit more complex card types in the TODO card file


Thanks to

Forum offline and user registration denied


I had to put the forum offline and disable user registration as I’m currently getting a lots of spam from the following addresses:


Have fun while I don’t :sweat:

TODO: Ban these and publish the spammers domain addresses in a separate article. :rage:

Forum code of conduct

  • Anonymous posting is enabled (with moderation).
  • Use English as the posting language – other languages will be moderated to /dev/null. Posting in Finnish might be allowed (mood swing == random).
  • Do NOT advertise anything.
  • Be polite; no insults of ANY kind are approved.
  • Any non-related content will be moderated to /dev/full. I.e. sex, drugs, almost-free pharmaceuticals, Viagra, etc…
  • Racist content will be written over by randomized bytes from 10 to N times; Then moderated to oblivion.

Have fun being social :innocent: :smiley: :+1:


Entities I have blocked as spammers (updated at 01.11.2019):


I’ll update the list when a new spam attack will occur (definitely) :unamused:

Code signing certificate


As I recently posted about difficulties with code signing certificates, I finally succeeded to finalize the process :see_no_evil: :snail: :sweat: :sweat_smile:!

So the things to I had to do:

  • Go to the Local Register Office for a notary public and pay additional 9€ for the face-to-face authentication form to be validated so two visits to the Local Register Office = 30 km x 2
  • Three evidences: I chose government issued photo ID, Visa debit card and an utility bill addressed to me…

I did get a cool stamp from the Local Register Office though (this is in Finland of course) :grinning:

Next as easy it can be I just scanned the document and three pieces of additional evidence… however this wasn’t enough. The notary public’s identity needed to be verified. I did mention that within EU countries (Great Britain) since something of February 2019 this was no longer required as the Apostille document was now longer needed between the members of the European Union (the document proves that the signing person is an actual person and is at the signing moment in the mentioned profession/duty); Not enough – a verification was required via calling the Local Register Office which was fine by me although I thought they wouldn’t give this information via a privacy concern. Thankfully the notary public’s identity got confirmed! Next I had to explain the meaning of the utility bill because it was written in finnish.

After this I finally got the certificate approved – after few hours spent in the customer support and few emails sent:

Now I can finally provide signed installers! Let’s see how this goes after a year when the certificate needs to be renewed :scream:

The result – note that is my name now in the UAC prompt!


ScriptNotepad released


I’m proud to release the initial version of a software I’m been working (hobby) for about a year called ScriptNotepad.

The software is based on the Scintilla project via the ScintillaNET wrapper library.

The idea is that you can write scripts for text manipulation in C# programming language and run them within the software. There is still a lot to do but I can get no input on feature requests, bugs or otherwise, if the software isn’t available with the public. The software has also spawned many libraries released as NuGet packages and in the GitHub, because I didn’t want to include all the code in a same project.


The main window


Do have fun playing with it :sweat_smile: – PS. I have used this on my work place for three weeks now :smirk: