A .NET Framework library containing 260 different country (and other) flags.


  • Current version (27.09.15)
  • Includes 260 different country (and other) flags.
  • The country (and other) flags int the library are in 4 different sizes: 16×16, 24×24, 32×32 and 64×64.
  • There are two types of country (and other) flags in the library: flat and “lovely glossy finish”.
  • The library can be called the get a flag with System.Globalization.CultureInfo, System.Globalization.RegionInfo and a two letter ISO country name.
  • Full XML documentation is included (public/private)
  • The size of the compiled library is only ~ 4 MB.
  • A sample application is included.
  • v. (27.09.15)
  • Added a ComboBox control for country selection (ComboBoxCountrySelect).

Notes, third party and thanks

  • The flag icons in the library I got from the Internet from address https://www.gosquared.com/resources/flag-icons/.
  • The flag icons are licensed under the terms of the The MIT License (MIT) and are copyrighted by Go Squared Ltd. Huge amount of thanks for their great job and for licensing their flag icons with a permissive license.
  • I have made no changes of the content of the icons, I only renamed them to suit the library. Of course the derivate work can be downloaded from this web site.



  • A Microsoft® Windows® supporting .NET Framework v.4.5 (possibly downgradable by modifying the source project settings)
  • LGPL v3 compatible application for the library and MIT License (MIT) compatibility for flag icons. The licenses are compatible (do correct me if I’m wrong).


  • v. (27.09.15)
  • Added a ComboBox control for country selection (ComboBoxCountrySelect).


The sample application displaying a flag in a “lovely glossy finish” sized 64×64 pixels.