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MSub Player


  • Current version 0.06b
  • OS’es
  • Microsoft® Windows® 98, ME, 2000, XP
  • Supported subtitle input formats: MicroDVD, Subrip, SubViewer, SubViewer 2.0, Movie Subtitler
  • Support for Movie Subtitler Project files
  • Plays DVD’s !!!

NOTE: Development stopped!

No new versions will be released.





  • Fixed memory leak: ~ 2400 handles and few kbytes of memory was allocated / minute while movie was playing


  • Frame rate detection fixed again (should work now 🙂 )


  • Added recent file menu


  • Playlist
  • When playing projects the next movie file will be automatically when the last one reaches to its end
  • Playlist will also operate the same way mentioned above
  • Full screen mode will be automatically laundhed on movie play
  • Possibility to adjust selected volume level using +/- keys


  • Plays DVD’s
  • Possibility to switch between modes LetterBox–>Crop–>Stretch (good when broadcasting to TV)


Movie Subtitler


  • Current version 0.09b
  • OS’es
  • Microsoft® Windows® 98, ME, 2000, XP
  • Split, join subtitle files
  • Move subtitle entries
  • Change subtitle frame rate (FPS)
  • Insert and delete subtitle entries
  • Translate (change contents of) subtitle entry
  • Supported input formats: MicroDVD, Subrip, SubViewer, SubViewer 2.0
  • Supported output formats: MicroDVD, Subviewer
  • Search subtitle entries
  • Settings saved to INI file
  • Simple movie player (Full screen mode)
  • Project files v.2
  • Own subtitle format
  • Join & split subtitle entries
  • Calculate width of text lines in subtitle file in pixels
  • Correct all formatting errors in subtitle file
  • Search & Replace
  • Line length count in characters

NOTE: Development stopped!
No new versions will be released.



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Widget for editting text

This is a widget for editting text..



  • Current version 0.1
  • OS’es
    • Works on Linux® (requires mono and monodevelop)
    • Works on Windows® (requires mono and #develop v.2.0)
  • Load and save text to and from file (binary format)
  • Uses UTF8 encoding
  • Simple text formatting functions
  • Languages: en, (stock buttons will translate automatically)



  • First version

v.0.0.2 (24.01.2007)

  • Fixed: Extremely slow saving when there was a huge text file
  • Fixed: FontButton would sometimes show only the font size with empty font
  • Added: Open and Save buttons can be hidden with constructor parameters (false, true, true)
  • Fixed: Sometimes an exception was thrown when cursor was moved via mouse
  • Fixed: Insert picture button’s image is now embedded in the source code, so no need to drag it around anymore
  • Added: Method to load plain text
  • Fixed: Removed the default border width of 4 pixels. User can change it easily because the widget inherits from Gtk.Frame.
  • Changed: The sample code now uses Gtk# only
  • Fixed: Useless stuff removed out of source+bin package







SupToStr/OCR is a software to convert .sup subpicture files to .srt file format.

I made the program because I wanted to convert .sup files created by ProjectX

from DigiTV(DVB) broadcasts to .srt files.



  • Current version 0.1
  • OS’es
  • Microsoft® Windows® 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista™
  • Sup picture preview
  • Save character lists
  • Bold/Italic/Underline format tags support
  • Possibility to change the used enconding in both srt-files and character lists (ASCII, UTF7, UTF8, Unicode)
  • Languages: en

NOTE: Development not currently active!


Easy Cardfile Professional

Easy Cardfile Professional is a versatile card-file software.



  • Current version
    • Works with many OS’es
    • Microsoft® Windows® 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista™
    • Linux® *
    • Mac® OS X **
    • Many others if one wishes to port. **
  • Many possible uses. Card-filing:
    • Optical media: CD’s, DVD’s, HD-DVD’s, BluRay Discs, ..
    • Food recipes
    • Keep a diary
    • Books
    • Contact information
    • Passwords
    • VHS, C Cassettes, Vinyl records, …
    • You just name it. The possibilities are limitless.
  • Encryption (XXTEA/Corrected block TEA)
  • Compression (zlib)
  • Picture support
  • Rich text support (not RTF)
  • Great search capabilities
  • freedb and MusicBrainz support
  • Languages: en, fi

*) Requires a compile from source code.

**) Requires a compile from source code. Not tested.


Install instructions:


  • Download the file: ecfp-setup.exe.
  • Execute the installer.


  • Download the file: ecfp-source.tar.gz.
  • Extract the file ecfp-source.tar.gz.
  • Move to the directory where you extracted the file.
  • Run: make.
  • As a super user: Run: ./

Other things you need to know:

Easy Cardfile Professional uses an external software called

discid which can be found in the package libdiscid-1.1.tar.gz.

This is a library that has been downloaded from MusicBrainz.

As the library is lisenced under LGPL I released the modified source code which can be found in the downloads section.

The only thing that actually has been changed is the file “examples/discid.c” which output I made more machine-readable.

Easy Cardfile Professional does actually not depend on that library but if you wish to use those CD-ROM things with Easy Cardfile

you’ll need it. In the Windows-package a pre-compiled executable is included.