What do I use for programming

What do I use for programming

Currently I use for programming a Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022, JetBrains Rider for Linux (OSS License), VS Code and various utilities with the software on this website and in GitHub.

A Visual Studio 2022 Community about dialog

JetBrains Rider running on Linux Mint

Installation packages

For installation packages I use Wix# (WixSharp) and zipped binaries. I actually haven’t decided yet what to use on Linux and I don’t have a Mac.

Other editing, etc..

For this purpose I use

Notepad++ about dialog

I do hate to advertise and I would say I don’t do that with the exception of JetBrains Open Source licenses as they allow free OSS development. If there is any sponsored advertising on this site (banners and such), you are probably infected with adware/malware.

Of course I give credit to to all nice software such as these mentioned on to upper and in the thanks to article.

Please do ask me if there is anything you wish to ask by mailing me. I won’t bite 😇, and “there are no stupid questions”😉.