A calendar displaying moon phases, sun and moon rise / set times, detailed data of the sun and the moon.



  • Current version (22.03.2016)
  • Two 35 day calendar grids for the sun and the moon with dates aligned with week numbers
  • The sun and the moon calendars show detail data (rise and set times, moon phase, etc.) and more details by clicking the date
  • Mouse-controlled detail data of a selected date (twilight times, sun an moon curves above / below the horizon)
  • 8 future moon phases and their dates
  • Supported languages: en-US and fi-FI (Localization support)


  • A Microsoft® Windows® supporting .NET Framework v.4.5.1
  • Accept the GPL v3 license

Known issues

  • The application may not perform correctly if location (latitude and longitude) is set to a different time zone than the system time zone



The sun calendar at the publish date


The moon calendar at the publish date


The detail data (Misc data) at the publish date



Evidence of localization support (LangLib) in fi-FI



The settings dialog





SunMoonCalendar v.

Binary, no installer

Zipped binary