Starmap v. released

Hi a new version of the Starmap software was released,

I released an update to the Starmap software to version (28.10.17).

Changes include:

  • Added positioning to the main form (my own PosLib)
  • Fixed sidereal time calculation, thanks to this article
  • Removed all time zone references from the code (not needed.. at any time! :hatching_chick: :+1: :see_no_evil:)
  • Added possibility to click a planet or the Sun in the main window to see it’s properties (should have been at 2005 already :sleeping:)
  • Added possibility to use those older symbols for the celestial bodies (planets an the sun), see the settings dialog..


  • The moon is now in the right position :innocent: ..
  • Added some helper classes to DateTime, Sidereal time is now in it’s own class..
  • Something I already forgot :bowtie: (?)

Have fun again 🙂

By the way Pluto is still a planet on my account.