LangLib is a software library to localize .NET applications (WinForms and WPF).

The localization data is saved to a SQLite database. Possibly I’ll add support to other databases in the future.

So there is no need for Language resource files anymore!


  • Current version (14.10.2018)
  • Database is internally auto-constructed by the LangLib library. The default location is applications product name in the directory %LOCALAPPDATA%.
  • System.Windows.Forms or System.Windows.Controls.* namespaces are defaults to which the library will enumerate.
  • Denied property names are supported.
  • Adding additional namespaces is supported.
  • A localization software is included with the library.
  • A static caching system is used to prevent useless database queries after a form or window is once enumerated.
  • Support for changing the language in runtime.
  • Software architectures supported by System.Data.SQlite are supported.
  • For the source code only x86 and x64 are configured.
  • A static and and instance based message localization is supported. Any message can contain formatting supported by string.Format method.
  • The “dump” of language enumeration is indicated to the library by a command line argument by –dbLang or –dbLang=cu-RE (ISO 639-1).
  • Full XML documentation (public/private)
  • A possibility to launch the localization application from the command line


  • A Microsoft® Windows® supporting .NET Framework v.4.5.1 (possibly downgradable by modifying the source project settings)
  • LGPL v3 compatible application


  • Fixed exception when getting a message without parameters. This message will now be returned without internal string.Format.
  • Added new method DBLangEngine class: List<CultureInfo> GetLocalizedCultures().
  • Fixed depency to Visual C++ Redistributable Package
  • (04.11.2015)
  • Added x:Uid / Uid support for WPF localization.
  • v.1.0.0.x (??.??.????)
  • Bug fixes
  • v. (14.10.2018)
  • Added possibility to launch the localization application from the command line


A WPF application in design mode and running localized side by side (Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop)

The localization helper applicatiob running for a WinForms project