A .NET library containing a WinForms control called RichTextBoxWithToolStrip.

As the name tells the control is a RichTextBox with an embeded ToolStrip.


  • Current version (22.08.16)
  • A .NET library containing a WinForms control called RichTextBoxWithToolStrip
  • Common text editor features are programmed to the embedded ToolStrip
  • Shortcut key support is included such as CTRL+B, CTRL+I, CTRL+U keyboard shortcuts are supported and those supported by a RichTextBox control
  • Full XML documentation (private / public) and some internal code documentation
  • No platform invoke calls are used


  • .NET Framework v.4.5



Known issues

  • An image resize mouse cursor is not available, but inserted images can be resized anyway


A sample application running, below it are shown the custom ToolStrip controls embeded within the control

Properties used by the RichTextBoxWithToolStrip control in Visual Studio designer

To add the control to Visual Studio, there is no installer because I’m using VS2013 Express edition it needs to be done manually

1) Right click the ToolBox

2) Browse the VPKSoft.RichTectEdit.dll assembly

3) There it is