A tabbed notepad software with scripting support (C#; for manipulating a file contents).


  • Support for multiple programming/scripting/setting and markup languages for code folding and highlighting (C#, C++, CSS, Pascal, PHP, Python, INI, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Batch, NSIS, SQL, Windows PowerShell, XML, YAML, InnoSetup).
  • Support for spell checking via Hunspell dictionaries using a pure C# implementation of the Hunspell, WeCantSpell: Hunspell.
  • New files are automatically saved into a SQLite database; this software doesn’t ask questions while closing it or if the session is ending.
  • Pure C#.
  • Open source, well documented source code; fork, make PR or develop further on your own.
  • Localizable directly from the menu for your own language. (new languages are welcome!).
  • Highly customizable.
  • Possibility to export a code file to HTML maintaining the lexer style.
  • Small size (installer: ~4 MB).
  • Session support; you may create a session for etc. one for common files, one for SQL files and so on.
  • Support for plug-ins as .NET assemblies. A sample plugin is included (a modified ROT-13 algorithm – surprise!).
  • A difference (diff) viewer both side-by-side and as a list based on the DiffPlex library.
  • Currently supported locales: en-US, fi-FI.
  • Based on the great library called ScintillaNET.
  • Support for URL detection within the text.
  • License: MIT.


  • Microsoft® Windows® supporting .NET Framework v.4.7.


  • Resemblance with the famous Notepad++ ?: This software has no intention to compete with the Notepad++ software while the outlook of the software is somewhat familiar with it. The main differences are the script support, the managed programming language; C# and the session support.


  • Current version v. (04.05.2020)
  • A lot since the start (something last year x 2..)


The main window containing text while editing this article

The script runner window with a template script

The settings dialog


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