Movie Subtitler


  • Current version 0.09b
  • OS’es
  • Microsoft® Windows® 98, ME, 2000, XP
  • Split, join subtitle files
  • Move subtitle entries
  • Change subtitle frame rate (FPS)
  • Insert and delete subtitle entries
  • Translate (change contents of) subtitle entry
  • Supported input formats: MicroDVD, Subrip, SubViewer, SubViewer 2.0
  • Supported output formats: MicroDVD, Subviewer
  • Search subtitle entries
  • Settings saved to INI file
  • Simple movie player (Full screen mode)
  • Project files v.2
  • Own subtitle format
  • Join & split subtitle entries
  • Calculate width of text lines in subtitle file in pixels
  • Correct all formatting errors in subtitle file
  • Search & Replace
  • Line length count in characters

NOTE: Development stopped!
No new versions will be released.






  • Search entries
  • Goto line number
  • Save query before exit if subtitle entries changed
  • Bug fix: New entries did not update to movie play


  • Fixed coloring error near subtitles in player
  • Added automatical pause when adding subtitle entries
  • Full screen mode (Simple movie player)
  • Possibility to change subtitle font
  • Subtitle horizontal positioning
  • Settings are saved to INI file
  • Multi-movie project files
  • Own subtitle format
  • Auto-positioning for new subtitle entries
  • Few bug fixes ( some might have left unfixed accidently 🙂 )


  • Better frame rate detection
  • Better project files (Project file can include Movie Covers, Movie Description in RTF, Subtitles …)
  • NOTE: Project files are fully supported by MSub Player
  • Better movie information dialog
  • Possibility to export files from project
  • Fixed few error when opening subtitle files (e.g. ‘List index out of bounds’)
  • Fixed failded frame-rate detection from mpg movies (e.g. FPS: -9223372036854776,320 )
  • And many small bug fixes


  • Frame rate detection fixed again (should work now 🙂 )
  • Fixed error saving files in SubRip format
  • Added splitter between movie box and subtitle list
  • Possipility to split & join single subtitle entries
  • Toolbar for most used functions
  • Possibility to measure width of subtitle entries in selected font
  • Possibility to move subtitle entries up and down
  • Subtitle font size auto scaling


  • Fixed split and join subtitle files
  • Added recent files menu
  • Some small improvements


  • Fixed save dialog in project creation again! ( project file extension must be ‘.msubprj2’ ).
  • Otherwise the project load sequence will fail! May be that I have a BUG or several 🙂
  • 0.09b
  • Correct all formatting errors in subtitle file
  • Search & Replace
  • Line length count in characters
  • Fixed loss of frame count while splitting or joining subtitles