Widget for editting text

This is a widget for editting text..



  • Current version 0.1
  • OS’es
    • Works on Linux® (requires mono and monodevelop)
    • Works on Windows® (requires mono and #develop v.2.0)
  • Load and save text to and from file (binary format)
  • Uses UTF8 encoding
  • Simple text formatting functions
  • Languages: en, (stock buttons will translate automatically)



  • First version

v.0.0.2 (24.01.2007)

  • Fixed: Extremely slow saving when there was a huge text file
  • Fixed: FontButton would sometimes show only the font size with empty font
  • Added: Open and Save buttons can be hidden with constructor parameters (false, true, true)
  • Fixed: Sometimes an exception was thrown when cursor was moved via mouse
  • Fixed: Insert picture button’s image is now embedded in the source code, so no need to drag it around anymore
  • Added: Method to load plain text
  • Fixed: Removed the default border width of 4 pixels. User can change it easily because the widget inherits from Gtk.Frame.
  • Changed: The sample code now uses Gtk# only
  • Fixed: Useless stuff removed out of source+bin package