Hi. Here are some software I have programmed.

Why free software?                                                                                           

Well I did some shareware programs earlier which would have been a greater success

if those would have been free.

It’s also much more fun to have your software available to everyone.

I remember being proud of my self as I found some of the earlier shareware

programs I had made cracked from the Internet. 

At least those programs were wanted! 

There is also the thing that when you do programming as a hobby you don’t nessessarily

want to have too much responsibilty about them as GPL’ed they are without any warranty.

Also if I get lazy someone else can grap the source code and develop the software further

on and the software continues to “live on” even though I wasn’t continuing the development.


So a bit about me

I am a 42 year old software programmer from Finland and I work at Pinja.

I have been programming since 1989 and I started with Quick Basic. The first computer I had

was a 286 PC whith 8 MB of system memory and 40 MB of hard disk space.

Other languages include Turbo Pascal, C, C++, Delphi, PHP, Java, C# (C Sharp)  and the newest is JavaScript/TypeScript.

HTML and XML are not programming languagesthey are markup languages so I didn’t mention them above. 


For now I’m doing most of the programming with

  • ASP.NET Core & C# & Microsoft® Visual Studio®
  • React & TypeScript & VS Code

Previously the “for now” was (in chronological descending order)

  • Embarcadero® Delphi® XE*
  • C# / Microsoft® Visual Studio® including embedded devices
  • Some installation projects with NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)
  • C++ and Qt®4 with Eclipse™.


The name VPKSoft

The Name VPKSoft comes from my name which is Ville Petteri Kautonen.

So there is only one “employee” at VPKSoft ?


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