I'm proud to release SunMoonCalendar ("A calendar displaying moon phases, sun and moon rise / set times, detailed data of the sun and the moon").

Have fun again tongue-out


I translated a javascript library called SunCalc to c#.

This is based on a javascript library SunCalc by Vladimir Agafonkin which is licensed as BSD "styled".

This is released only as a source code release.


As I recently (few months ago, 9th May 2015) wrote about resurrecting the Starmap, I finally finished that project.

So I'm proud to present the revision 2 version of the Starmap software, which was originally created at 2005 with earlier versions of the .NET framework.

Some improvements have been made, code has been refactored, icons and pictures redrawn and localization assembly converted into LangLib support.

So have fun again smile


I'm proud to release SmallCityDatabase, "A single .NET library containing over 7300 world cities".

And the small in the name means the library size, not the city size.

Have fun tongue-out


I released an update to the amp# software to version

This fixes following issues

  • Scaling bug after main window resize
  • Saved statistics, etc were not loaded after a drag & drop operation for known files

Added features

  • An album/song image if any to a separate window