Hi a new version of the Poslib software was released,

I released an update to the Poslib software to version (07.11.17).

Changes include:

  • Fixed an error that caused a program using the library to crash if a secondary Windows Form was opened second time in the software  

Have fun again

Hi a new version of the Starmap software was released,

I released an update to the Starmap software to version (28.10.17).

Changes include:

  • Added positioning to the main form (my own PosLib)
  • Fixed sidereal time calculation, thanks to this article
  • Removed all time zone references from the code (not needed.. at any time!  )
  • Added possibility to click a planet or the Sun in the main window to see it's properties (should have been at 2005 already )
  • Added possibility to use those older symbols for the celestial bodies (planets an the sun), see the settings dialog..


  • The moon is now in the right position  ..
  • Added some helper classes to DateTime, Sidereal time is now in it's own class..
  • Something I already forgot  (?)

Have fun again

By the way Pluto is still a planet on my account.


I released an update to the SimpleBackup software to version

  • The week days were fixed to show as they should - I had a backup that was running on Mondays, but the edit dialog did show falsely that the backup would be taken on Wednesday.
  • If the last taken backup is in the past and the increase of the next backup time doesn't come to this time or newer it keeps looping it up to the present.
  • Added binary release with no installer.

Have fun again tongue-out

Hi a new version of the amp# software was released,

I had some problems with the playback after switching to SSD (Solid State Drive) with my computer. On a heavy CPU load the music sometimes started to get crappy.

So for the new version:

  • A complete "engine" update: All the packages used by the software for playback where switched to nuget packages
  • The processor architecture is no longer limited by the FlacDLL as LibFlac does no longer need an inter-op DLL, so it is 64-bit on a 64-bit computer and 32-bit on a 32-bit computer (Any CPU).
  • Added a possibility to save multiple amounts of named queue snapshots with a modification capability
  • A key combination of CTRL+[+] can now be used to insert into the queue rather than append
  • Added a timer to enable a "quite hours" feature so your neighbors don't get angry, if you forget to stop the playback at an inconvenient time


  • Reorganized some menus to suit their categories
  • Left some for the next release(), seems to be that my paper is running out though:


Have fun again



I changed the old reCAPTCHA V1 to reCAPTCHA V2 to ease the anonymous posting and account creation.

Hope this helps a bit..