It has been a few to 6 months since last time I released or posted something here, no to tell the reason.

I have been working on a software which would somewhat replace the KODI software for my HTPC as the system seems to be low on resources - the KODI is just unable to present suitable video playback.

So as a solution I started creating a new software - as there is no other way to fix the problem (of course) 

To create a new HTPC solution from scratch is somewhat time consuming.. 

The recipe goes as follows


The project seems to be creating a lot of side projects - with Windows.Forms, reminder: Learn something more efficient ..



So to the conclusion, it might take another six months before this project will released as I'm doing this as a hobby, not as work.

By the way I try not to release any beta version of any software, so just email me or contact me other way if you found more bugs on the previously released software however I use my laziness as an excuse to do nothing.


A teaser :



The most time consuming issue seem to be a license compatibility with the GLPv3 - someone (hopefully not me) should construct a mind-map or a software to see the compatibility with the selected license .   



I have not spared any resources on this one, all the images used in the software are PNG images sized enough to scale to a 4K television and this is made possible by the with an excellent selection of image as I don't have any visually artistic talents.


The resources

As I mentioned before I have spared no resources - first the working directory


NSIS creating an installer with the best compression (took about 7 minutes with a Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770K CPU @ 3500 GHz whit a SSD drive):


Surprise, the size is now a lot smaller  !


See you all at the next time (TODO:: update the manifesto of something to support the GDPR)..