As I recently posted about difficulties with code signing certificates, I finally succeeded to finalize the process    !

So the things to I had to do:

  • Go to the Local Register Office for a notary public and pay additional 9€ for the face-to-face authentication form to be validated so two visits to the Local Register Office = 30 km x 2
  • Three evidences: I chose government issued photo ID, Visa debit card and an utility bill addressed to me...

I did get a cool stamp from the Local Register Office though (this is in Finland of course)

Next as easy it can be I just scanned the document and three pieces of additional evidence... however this wasn't enough. The notary public's identity needed to be verified. I did mention that within EU countries (Great Britain) since something of February 2019 this was no longer required as the Apostille document was now longer needed between the members of the European Union (the document proves that the signing person is an actual person and is at the signing moment in the mentioned profession/duty); Not enough - a verification was required via calling the Local Register Office which was fine by me although I thought they wouldn't give this information via a privacy concern. Thankfully the notary public's identity got confirmed! Next I had to explain the meaning of the utility bill because it was written in finnish.

After this I finally got the certificate approved - after few hours spent in the customer support and few emails sent:

Now I can finally provide signed installers! Let's see how this goes after a year when the certificate needs to be renewed 

The result - note that is my name now in the UAC prompt!



For the frustration of trying to get a code signing certificate from the Comodo company I have something to say 

I decided to try and find a reasonable priced code signing certificate authorities ("low budget for a not a wealthy person") and the solution from there (Comodo) seemed reasonable enough.

The rant begins 

  • There is no mention that I'll have to provide a copy of my passport or driver's license or such 
  • There is no mention that I should fill this ridiculous form with a notary or a lawyer 
  • This all was done to prevent the "illusion" that the downloaded installer software, i.e. was somehow insecure 
  • In Finland we do strong digital authentication via the bank's system of which customer you are - so do I really have to go back to the 80's again 


So now and not very soon to be fixed you are going to cope with this:

And the second one:


Well - I'm not spreading any viruses here - but I can't / won't do this ridiculous notarizing with extra costs ()!

PS. The home "infrastructure" is behind a double firewall and all the PC's are protected with an antivirus software depending of the OS they using and all computers are behind a NAT.

If any of you have an idea of an easier code signing certificate, please do not hesitate to contact me via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Have fun again Br. not a certified individual 


Now all libraries which are under development and are published on the web site have been published at nuget.org.

At least I'm going to use them in my projects as it's easier than to add SVN externals to your project directory and manually add the assemblies to the References list of a project.

So the developing just got a bit easier!


BTW: There are now 12 NuGet packages published.. and some have dependencies to another of them, some have dependencies to packages not made by me. Also the links to the nuget.org have been added for the libraries on this site. 


A lot of things has been going on since the previous blog post.

First of all I released the vamp# software to the public. It still lacks the proper DVD playback possibility though. First notification of the possibility of this software was mentioned in the blog post called "Silence might be good.." - so lots of hefty coding has been done with a 66 page instruction manual (with lots of pictures - of course ).

A few "side" libraries did spawn with the project as the goal was to make the solution to a single project solution 

Going nuts  - no going NuGet phase has been completed (wow ).. The next phase is to go to the GitHub which has already started - after that I'll "flatten" the SVN repository on the NAS as it already takes 26 gigabytes of disk space and the repository contains lots of and lots of useless stuff ():

"The long winter is coming.."

I do hate the autumn as it rains all the time and everything is getting wet, cold and dark (I do live in the Scandinavia, Finland)   - so do develop a bird feeding place to help them to keep alive through the winter  


A holiday.. I do think I'll take a few weeks of from the "hobby" as the previously mentioned word should never mean stressful ( 



  • Save the world from Trump  
  • Stuff..  

Have fun again and don't let the winter get to you  

- Be seeing you all..


I added a possibility to get a NuGet package from nuget.org to the first library.

This should help as you now more have to check for updates from the website - source code and releases are being kept in sync with the website as well. 

So the first library - VPKSoft.Utils is now also available as a NuGet package, more of them will get there as I have the time. 

An updated download section at the bottom of the library's page

A Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition displaying the nuget


Have fun again