Difficulties with code signing certificates


For the frustration of trying to get a code signing certificate from the Comodo company I have something to say :rage:

I decided to try and find a reasonable priced code signing certificate authorities (“low budget for a not a wealthy person”) and the solution from there (Comodo) seemed reasonable enough.

The rant begins :sweat:

  • There is no mention that I’ll have to provide a copy of my passport or driver’s license or such :thumbsdown:
  • There is no mention that I should fill this ridiculous form with a notary or a lawyer :tired_face:
  • This all was done to prevent the “illusion” that the downloaded installer software, i.e. was somehow insecure :innocent:
  • In Finland we do strong digital authentication via the bank’s system of which customer you are – so do I really have to go back to the 80’s again :laughing:


So now and not very soon to be fixed you are going to cope with this:

And the second one:


Well – I’m not spreading any viruses here – but I can’t / won’t do this ridiculous notarizing with extra costs (:money_with_wings:)!

PS. The home “infrastructure” is behind a double firewall and all the PC‘s are protected with an antivirus software depending of the OS they using and all computers are behind a NAT.

If any of you have an idea of an easier code signing certificate, please do not hesitate to contact me via email :e-mail:

Have fun again Br. not a certified individual :sweat_smile: