amp# update v.


I released an update to the amp# software to version v. 🙂

  • Fixed quiet hours again!
  • Added song naming configuration.
  • Added possibility to create a queue while listening a another queue or just listening.
  • Added possibility to scramble / random a loaded queue.
  • The queue when set to show queue will now stay visible.
  • Added possibility to rate multiple songs.
  • Added possibility to set volume to multiple songs.
  • Updated the remote control API (WCF) maintaining the backwards compatibility.
  • Fixed a settings reset bug.
  • Updated static libraries to be NuGet packages.
  • Added mini-help.
  • Fixed bug in the ScriptRunner.cs file (Public Domain).
  • Added language selection to the settings.
  • Added F9 key to show all the songs in the collection.
  • The database will “fix” it self on the first start (a lengthy operation run only once) with the new version (missing tag value) in the SONG database table.
  • No llama’s were hurt (by VPKSoft) during the coding process!
  • Added localization possibility to the start menu.
  • Fixed queue editor crashing the program when deleting single songs from a saved queue.
  • Fixed queue editor crashing the program with an invalid SQL sentence.
  • Fixed queue editor to re-index songs correctly in the queue when deleting items.
  • Added optional modified (biased) randomization.
  • Fixed the main window text scaling on a higher DPI setting.
  • Fixed text scaling on a higher DPI setting for few dialogs.
  • Fixed return and escape button working in the new album dialog.
  • Fixed dialog miss-placing on the screen.
  • Updated NuGet dependencies to NAudio.* packages.
  • Added possibility to delete local application data for the software on un-install.

 Have fun again 🎵