News from the developer..


A lot of things has been going on since the previous blog post.

First of all I released the vamp# software to the public. It still lacks the proper DVD playback possibility though. First notification of the possibility of this software was mentioned in the blog post called “Silence might be good..” – so lots of hefty coding has been done with a 66 page instruction manual (with lots of pictures – of course 🐣).

A few “side” libraries did spawn with the project as the goal was to make the solution to a single project solution 🙊

Going nuts 😵‍💫 – no going NuGet phase has been completed (wow 👍).. The next phase is to go to the GitHub which has already started – after that I’ll “flatten” the SVN repository on the NAS as it already takes 26 gigabytes of disk space and the repository contains lots of and lots of useless stuff (💦):

“The long winter is coming..”

I do hate the autumn as it rains all the time and everything is getting wet, cold and dark (I do live in the Scandinavia, Finland) :snowflake: :snowman: – so do develop a bird feeding place to help them to keep alive through the winter 🐦 💖

A holiday.. I do think I’ll take a few weeks of from the “hobby” as the previously mentioned word should never mean stressful (❗) 💤 😴


  • Save the world from Trump 🙊 💀
  • Stuff.. 😇 

Have fun again and don’t let the winter get to you ❄️🥶

– Be seeing you all..