Well done spam..


It seems that I have a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service. Weird that I keep getting these messages about two to ten “notifications” / year. I would advise not to take any action regrading to these emails.

Of course I do not have such service account and the location from whence these emails come seem to be questionable… However as I get one bill / year of owning the domain it might look like a bill you would just accept to be  a warning that I forgot to pay 🔒 The spammer seems to use whois database to send these emails. So, just to give an advice, do not give them any money 😎.

Now I might be breaking the “law” as I publish parts of message… i did some editing however, but if you wish, the information is available somewhere..

Thunderbird seems to “think” this is a junk mail – for some unknown reason – haha 😯

And the breaking the “law” part (the small print):

As we see this was not a bill after all.. have fun again and I’ll be back with some bug fixes in a some period of time..