PosLib released


I’m proud to release a new library called PosLib – A library for storing and loading application’s window positioning.


  • Supports both WPF and WinForms
  • Customizable control property values can be saved, such as column width, e.g.
  • Full XML documentation including private or internal methods, properties, etc..
  • Sample application for both Windows forms and WPF are included.
  • Support for multiple “name” referencing in the order of Uid (WPF only), Name and Tag=Name=”controlName”
  • Reacts to screen setting change while the application is running, e.g. a monitor was disconnected
  • Reacts to form / window resize during run-time to prevent a placement to an invalid location
  • A form / window state (Minimized, Maximized, Normal) is saved

Happy programming 😛