VPKSoft.Utils released

VPKSoft.Utils released

I promised to release this already used but not yet released library some day, so here it is.

Some utilities I seem to use in many of my applications.
These sort of lay a path for further development to avoid copy-paste programming and easier code management.

The pack is divided to 7 different classes which are

  • BasicSecurity – Helper methods for System.Security.ProtectedData class
  • Bytes – Helper methods for byte <-> string conversion and hexadecimal string <-> byte array conversion
  • ProgramArgumentCollection – A simple class to get program arguments and to get their values if the format is arg=blah or –arg=blah, etc.
  • DBUtils – I like to do SQL the old fashioned way, by writing! So some utilities to help in that cause
  • Misc – Currently just enumerations
  • Paths – Some utilities to application related paths such as the installation directory and settings directory
  • Utils – Non-categorized utilities, currently about detecting to host application type (WPF? WinForms? ASP.NET?)

Now to sauna, beer and that unmentioned RPG (not programmed by me), which will stay unmentioned to avoid advertising…