Resurrecting the Starmap

Resurrecting the Starmap

This has been a very complicated thing as the Starmap was build with SharpDevelop v.1.1? at 2005 so the project is 10 years old.

The first step was to download SharpDevelop 2.2 to convert it into a Visual Studio Express compatible project.

Then the conversion of *.resources files *.resx and rebuilding the language assembly.

I would say a lot of googling was required and the conversion is just at the beginning.

The Starmap does compile for .NET 4, but I won’t release it until the usage has been

changed so the language assembly is no longer needed,

and those 256 color icons are replaced with 224 color icons.

I was also very proud of the fact when the .NET framework arrived that you could use unicode in the code

so some code files are in Finnish. I need to convert these classes to more international language 😀