A library to log and view changes on the file system. This is a Windows.Forms control.



  • Current version v. (06.08.17)
  • A visual component which uses Rich Text to show file system changes visually and can also write a log (*.log) as a pain text file
  • A support for filters and exclude filters is possible
  • A truncation of of both visual and file logs can be set via the component's properties
  • Colors can be defined for events when a file or a directory was either renamed, deleted, modified or created for the visual log via the component's properties
  • The component is fully localizable via the component's properties
  • Full XML documentation including private/public members and internal code documentation
  • Support for architectures "ANY CPU"
  • No p/invokes are used
  • No dependencies to external libraries



  • A Microsoft® Windows® supporting .NET Framework v.4.5
  • LGPL v3 compatible application
  • The icons used by the were created by the Aha-Soft 16x16 Free Application Icons collection which is licensed under the terms of (CC BY 3.0 US).
  • The FolderSelectDialog is Public Domain from this blog (Dev Blog / Bill)



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A sample application running the component (monitoring C:\) with exclude filter of "appdata" and file mask of "*.*"



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