An engine to simulate a button-/block -related game.



  • Current version (18.10.15)
  • An engine and some sample applications for a button-/block -related game.
  • A sample application is included.
  • A hard-to-use button/block designer is included.
  • Game dimensions are user defined.
  • Blocks/buttons are user defined.
  • A possibility and a requirement to use the VPKSoft.Utils library, please do alter to source code to avoid this requirement under the terms of the GPL v3 license.
  • Visualization methods are endless - use text, WinForms, WPF or something other supporting Microsoft® Windows® supporting .NET Framework v.4.5.



  • A Microsoft® Windows® supporting .NET Framework v.4.5
  • LGPL v3 compatible application



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Reason for the weird name?

The answer is as simple as - someone might think this hobby project relates anyway to a game(s) called "Tetris"..


Screen shot(s)

A test game running with weird blocks


A hardly-usable button/block designer


Button/block definition




Source / Binary

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