A music player for common audio formats with a simple and intuitive GUI.



  • Current version (17.05.2020)
  • A simple one window GUI
  • Files are added with drag and drop operation
  • No changes to the file system are made, only the music database (SQLite)
  • Per-song based volume adjust - which is saved to a database
  • Songs can be renamed without a reflection to the file it self
  • Effective search based on file tags, file name and a given name
  • Search box is in the main window - when active just start writing to search
  • Supported music formats are mp3, ogg, wav, wma, m4a, aac, aif, aiff and flac using NAudio library
  • Supported languages en-US, fi-FI
  • Possibility to save multiple amounts of named queue snapshots with a modification capability
  • A timer to enable a "quite hours" feature so your neighbors don't get angry, if you forget to stop the playback at an inconvenient time
  • A key combination of CTRL+[+] can be used to insert into the queue rather than append
  • Possibility to import/export saved queues to/from a file
  • Latency setting in milliseconds
  • Possibility to add to an existing queue from the queue snapshot list
  • WCF remote control support
  • Supports for song naming configuration.
  • Possibility to scramble / random a queue.
  • Support for modified (biased) randomization.



  • Microsoft® Windows® supporting .NET Framework v.4.7.
  • 32-bit processor is enough



amp# change log


Short instructions

  • Add files by dragging and dropping
  • Rename (not the file) with F2
  • Toggle queue by [+] button
  • Search by writing text - this is actually amazing as you can start writing where ever the focus is..
  • Other - use the menu





The main window while searching


The main menu and album list

The settings

Save a queue snapshot dialog


The queue menu



Source, GitHub


Thanks to

JetBrains for their Open Source License(s)